Hello there!!  My name is Jake Anderson. I would like to welcome you to my blog.  This site is a forum for my many musings and opinions about the world around me.  It is basically an outlet for some of my thoughts because, lets face it, those around me are worn down by them. A few words about myself: I’m a husband, a father, a Nebraska Cornhusker super fan,  a beer enthusiast, a big sports fan, and a person who is growing more and more confused about the world around me. This blog is not about any of the preceding specifically, but rather a mish mash of whatever catches my attention. In 2016 I will get back to blogging with some regularity. Last year, my wife and I welcomed another beautiful girl into the household. As any parent will tell you, little ones have a way of making time slip away. As a result I have gotten out of the habit of blogging regularly. Still, I have 2 kids a fairly demanding job and the same amount of time to manage all these responsibilities. Thus, I have no real idea about how often I will post. I will do my best. Rest assured, come fall there will be a weekly Nebraska football wrap up. Other than that, most anything is up for grabs. Also I would like to interact with you, the reader. If you have an opinion, or a subject you would like to be addressed, let it be known. You can email me, comment or follow me on twitter (@jakeanderson884). Any and all feedback is appreciated as long as its tasteful and respectful. So please, enjoy the blog and maybe Ill give you something to think about. Thanks for reading