Well folks, it happened. Yep, that score and the impending soreness is very real. 62-3 is a reality. The Nebraska Cornhuskers got absolutely curb stomped Saturday night. It was every bit the scene from American History X. The Buckeyes told NU to bite the curb and the Huskers were left with no choice. I’m not going to make excuses. This thing was ugly from the outset. Any talk of OSU being a “beatable” team is completely laughable the morning after a 59 point ass kicking. I could go on about how horrendous the offense was under the direction of Ryker Fyfe and their meager 204 yards of total offense. I could point to the Buckeye drive chart and shudder at the amount of TDs given up or the OSU 11-15 3rd down conversion rate. None of that is worthy of my time and effort. I highly doubt you want to hear about it either. Rather than beleaguer the point, I’m going to look forward.

Ass kickings like this happen. It’s a part of sports. Over the years I’ve seen several. There was the 70-10 shallacking in Lubbock in 2005. Who can forget 41-6 to the Missouri Tigers in 2007 or the 52-17 shit kicking the following year? These things happen. It sucks, but its all part of being a sports fan. So where do we go from here? Its time for everyone, fans included, to put on our collective big boy pants and move forward.  Put the thorough domination of Saturday night in the rear view and focus on the windshield. This team sits at 7-2 with 3 to play. Those 3 are incredibly winable. The next 2, to the Minnesota Gophers and Maryland Terrapins, are both at home. Those are chicken soup games. After 2 games against excellent competition in extremely tough environments the Big Red come home to the friendly confines of Memorial Stadium and all of their fans. That should give this team a boost. Then, of course, there is the Black Friday matchup with the Iowa Hawkeyes who got their own wheels blown off last night. That game will be no gimme, but its a game NU should absolutely win. My point here is that these games are all winable. A 10-2 season is at their feet. That’s a great season. Especially when you consider the atrocities of 2015. There is still plenty to play for.

How does NU go about moving forward? Anyone who has ever tried anything has failed at some point. Perhaps it wasn’t as spectacular as 62-3 or seen by as many people, but we have all experienced failure. It’s a part of life. All there is to do is learn from it and move forward. That is all Nebraska can do. The naysayers and doubters will be out in droves, the Huskers will plummet down the rankings, and the criticism will the thick. So what? Its all bullshit right now anyway. This team needs to collectively look within, accept the ass kicking, and move on. The worst thing that can come of this is for the Huskers to throw a pity party. I’ve seen it too many times. A team gets beaten and it so thoroughly demoralizes them that they never get their act together. Mike Riley and the leaders on this team have to make sure that doesn’t happen. Don’t let Ohio State beat you twice. This is where the character and makeup of a team matters, not when you are 7-0 and in the top 10. Adversity has solidly landed on the Huskers and its incumbent upon them to get off the mat and prepare for the stretch run.

There are a few logistical issues with winning out. First, Tommy Armstrong needs to come back. Ryker Fyfe is awful. I’m not here to make it personal, so Grand Island people please save your ire. There is no way you can look at Fyfe and think that he is a workable piece. What does he do well? If there is anything, I haven’t seen it. Tommy needs to be back. We all saw him laying there motionless on the field Saturday night. He was out cold. It was a scary scene to be sure, but his subsequent actions indicate that he is going to be allright. One thing is certain, this offense needs him in the most serious way. For all Armstrong’s various flaws, he is the life blood of this offense and maybe this team. If NU is going to finish strong and salvage this season they will need #4.

As important as Tommy Armstrong will be to finishing the season strong, Danny Langsdorf and Mike Riley need to recommit to this running game. These last few games it seems that NU has lost its way in that regard. Saturday night was a good example. Armstrong and Fyfe combined for 9/33 passing for 126 yards and 2 INTs. That is an average of just 3.8 yards per attempt. That should make everyone want to puke in their cereal. The NU run game was in no way good, but it averaged 3.3 yards per carry. The entire 2nd half I pulled my hair out wondering why Langsdorf insisted on chucking the ball around. More than anything, that philosophy led to the score being so extreme. Run the ball, and move the clock. Additionally, it helps the defense. The defense has been up and down, obviously last night was down, but the offense has to do their share. Doing their share involves not leaving a steaming pile in their lap time after time. A re-commitment to the running game helps everyone. Getting David Knevel and potentially Tanner Farmer back should help in getting a push, but also not playing 2 of the top 3 defenses in the Big 10 will make a difference as well. If NU can get the run game going, it will help the entire squad. That task falls squarely on the entire offensive staff.

This season is not lost folks. I had a pretty good idea that last night would go the way it did. Ohio State played angry. Nebraska offered little resistance. It’s tough coming off an emotionally draining game, like the one in Madison last week, only to play one of the best teams in college football. A beat down was foreseeable. Although, I must admit, I didn’t think it would get that out of hand. Mike Riley did absolutely zero damage control once the train went off the tracks. Whatever. It matters little. Saturday night happened and now we all must move forward. Live in the windshield. The next 3 games will go a long way to define just what type of season 2016 is.



3 thoughts on “Buckeye Beatdown

  1. Most football games comes down too 2 things, and Ohio State did both of them. They completely controlled BOTH lines of scrimmage, and they controlled field position for the vast majority of the game. Lad don’t be so tough on Fyfe. You wrote early that nothing can be taken out of this game, and that is true. But that also includes Fyfe’s performance. If you want to put this game behind them (as you should) then nothing should be taken from it including how he did. You forget that minus a few Seniors this is a very young starting team. Both lines are young but they are developing. I’m much more interested in how they do next week. Minnesota is NOT a CHICKEN SOUP GAME. They are more than capable of beating NU. There not 7-2 by accident. Maryland has had way to many injures, but minus a few games they are competitive, but their even younger than the Huskers are. The Ohio State game should be forgotten until next October 14 when they come to Lincoln. It was just one of those games that started bad for them, and just stayed that way.


  2. I dont think Minnesota is a bad team. Not at all. I simply meant that it will do the Huskers well to come home. Two tough road games are behind them and Im sure they are looking forward to playing in front of the home crowd. I have plenty of respect for Minnesota, but this is still a game NU should win.



      There fine. The thing you younger fan’s need to learn is that College Football is always evolving because the teams are always evolving. Change is always right around the corner due to injuries, graduation, early entry to pro ball, and even some who stop playing to concentrate on education. I’ve told you before nephew that we look at the games differently, when in actuality we look at the entire sport differently. The first thing I tell people when they ask me about betting on college football is that you should always remember your dealing with kids. This fact is the key to all that goes on. The three things to concentrate on should always be Recruiting, Head coaches & assistance, and where the game is being played. Recruiting is a priority to watch. But you should not just pay attention to where they rank. You should also pay attention to who they are recruiting in regards to position, and in what direction is the coach taking them in his, and his assistance in recruiting. Position coaches spend a lot more time with the players than the head coaches do. Still in college football the coach is the General manager of it all. I think, and please don’t get me wrong here nephew that you seemingly to me take it one game at a time. While myself I’m already working on next year. In Riley’s recruiting he’s recruiting speed, speed, and more speed on both sides of the ball. He’s already working on next year too. By adding O’Brien to the traveling squad he’s exposed him to venues that when he is the starter next year he should have less of a time with traveling. Also when the game got out of hand he played a lot of underclassmen. Why? Because he’s looking toward the future. The defense this year has been OK. Not great or even very good just ok. But next year when the twins have another year of development, plus a couple of redshirt linemen, the secondary will also be much better. His recruiting he’s also added some very good defensive players. DEPTH is the great equalizer. We don’t have it on either side of the lines. But next year we will. It’s harder in college football to build a solid defensive unit. Offensively a coach can turn around a offense with 3 or 4 players in well placed positions. Riley is building this team. It was never a one year thing. Next year is the year where the defense should be VERY, VERY, SOLID. He’s been grooming O’Brien all year, next year we will see the real Riley offense. The offensive line should have depth next year because injuries were the reason for the drop off in play. When NU starters get hurt the drop off in performance by the subs is drastic. But every team in college football minus Alabama has the same problem. Honestly nephew I’ve been very happy with the Huskers this year because I knew they were not a finished product yet. Riley’s building them, and when your dealing with kid’s you just have to be patient, and having a forgiving nature with kids is always a plus.


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