The biggest crotch kick, at least for me, was the OKState/Central Michigan game. CMU did a great job of hanging in there. But at the end OSU was running the clock out. On the final, or so we thought, play, Mason Rudolph hucked the ball downfield as time expired. My dumb ass, figured his money was safe and turned the channel. Later I was watching another game and saw the final was CMU 30 OSU 27. I thought it was a damn misprint!!  Turns out Rudolph’s pass was called intentional grounding. The Chippewas proceed to throw a hail mary lateral that wins the game. But wait, that’s not all. It turns out that play should have never been run. The MAC officiating crew screwed it up and the Big 12 replay crew (shockingly)also screwed it up. So everyone freely admits OSU should have won the game, but didn’t and the results wont change. What a bunch of shit.


The TCU/Arkansas game was classic. This old time SW conference matchup was worth every drunken minute of my time. For the bulk of the game the pigs were in command. Then TCU got ole MO on their side and couldn’t be stopped. The game went to double OT with Arkansas ultimately prevailing. This thriller will go down as one of the best games of the year. It was truly fantastic and was a reminder of what makes college football so great. I’ve got no dog in the hunt. Although I live in Fort Worth I would not call myself a Frog backer. Don’t misunderstand, I’ve got nothing against them, it’s just not my team. Additionally I’ve always identified somewhat with the Arkansas style of ball. It was an interesting matchup and a thrilling game. If you missed it, well, its your loss.


Florida has now beaten Kentucky 30 straight times. Think about that. I dont care how good one program is or how bad another is. To defeat a team you play annually 30 times is extremely remarkable. The last time Kentucky beat Florida Ronald Reagan was in the white house, Money for nothing by Dire Straits was the top song, Back to the future was the top movie, and gas was 1.17 per gallon which for them was astronomical. This blogger was a year old. That was a long freaking time ago.


Tennessee and Virginia Tech met at Bristol Motor Speedway in what I will describe as a farce. The only reason they met here is to set the attendance record. Its obscene. That place may have 150K good seats for a race, but I’m here to tell you there are tens of thousands of terrible seats that were sold for this game. Look at the venue. There is no way someone sitting in the endzone has any kind of view. Lets call this what it is, a money grab. I shouldn’t be surprised by this and yet my feeling of disgust is strong. I just don’t get why folks would pay good money for terrible seats. Someone help me here.


To see Lamar Jackson Friday night against the Orange was to awe in him. He was fantastic, and that’s putting it lightly. However, let me put a wet blankey on that performance. I think Syracuse has a miserable defense. I need to see Jackson perform admirably against a defense with a pulse. Not some soft, limp, defense like Syracuse. If he can create similar heroics against a decent team I will sing his praises from the mountain tops.


Toward the end of a 28 point home victory Nick Saban was seen going berserk. He was all over Lane Kiffin. Asked after the game about the argument, Saban replied “There was no argument, that’s called an ass chewing.” I know a lot of people don’t care for Saban, but this quote is classic. Ha!!

Can anybody play some damn defense in the Arizona State/Texas Tech game?  Goodness gracious.


6 thoughts on “A Look Around the CFB Landscape 9/10

  1. Why would people pay good money for terrible seats is a easily explained. SO THEY CAN TELL OTHER PEOPLE THEY WERE THERE. I know never got that either, but a large % of people who attend any sporting event don’t go there for whatever game is being played. Their at the sporting event to be seen by their friends or co-workers or whomever not the game itself. I’ve attended numerous MLB games, regular season, playoffs, world series (I have been to 100’s of them and never caught a foul ball or otherwise ever and yes I’m extremely bitter about that), NFL games up to and including 4 Super bowls, NBA games (Lakers mostly) Finals games, Hockey games (which is the greatest game to watch live period) and in every instance I went too watch the game so my seats to these events were paramount. When your going and have no interest in the actual game itself what difference does it make where your seats are. You are right about the money grab, but nothing wrong with that. Let’s say if Nebraska and Oklahoma would arrange some game like that (where and when not withstanding) and they told the 2 AD’S we will give you 5 million dollars each what do you think their response would be? It’s easy too be critical, but show me a AD who would say no too any kind of deal like that, and I’ll show you a liar, and or a photo of Donald Trump whichever comes first


    1. Yes, Uncle Rick, you make very good points. There is nothing more American than a good old fashioned money grab. While I accept that is a way of life, I dont have to like it. I know my dear Huskers certainly arent above it, but I sure as shit wouldnt spend my hard earned money and just go along with it. At some point the consumer has to grow a pair and stand up for themselves. Clearly the Vols/Hokie fans didnt do that Saturday night. You are also painfully correct about people not really watching the game, while at sporting events. Its too true and I dont get it. Now, I understand, not everybody is as into sports as I am. Thats OK. but when I go to a Rangers game for instance, and look around, everybody is on their phone. Nobody is watching the game. Its ridiculous. That is why you are seeing teams put up additional netting at MLB stadiums. While attendance is healthy, what percentage of those people are completely checked out of the action on the field? Again, I dont get it. What is the point of going if your only interest is telling those douchebags at the water cooler about it tomorrow? Its a pain in the ass to get there, park, let them empty your pockets at every turn, just so you can brag to people you dont care about? Man, thats a melon scratcher.


      1. It’s a matter of perception! When the douchebags see them at the game or told they are at the game then they are perceived as
        being REAL FANS, and are automatically perceived as knowing the team. Even though your correct they more than likely don’t know the first thing about what they just went and saw, and how much money they just spent is never the point, it’s the image they portrayed as being a REAL FAN. Baseball games are a classic example of that as you pointed out. Except there is a big difference in SEASON SEAT HOLDERS than day game buyers. I illustrated that to your Uncle Mike years ago 1985 to be exact. Had a friend who had Padre season seats. first row right behind the visitors dugout. We had them for 2 games, and as I said showed him the difference in season seat holders who do go for the games, and do know the game and the team. Then I took him up too the cheap seats for one game and yes he was amazed at the difference in how people acted. I saw the same thing at the last Husker game I was at with Troy. There was a group of guy’s too our right who obviously were there too be seen. They did nothing but take pictures, and kept calling people when they weren’t taking more pictures. (no pictures of the game I might add just themselves). Then at halftime in a close game they started booing because they felt the team had not played well enough even though they had not paid any attention to the game. This man in his late 70’s that was sitting directly in front of me, and we had been discussing the game all along got mad telling them that “Husker fans don’t boo” which of course I agreed with. (I had never witnessed booing at any Husker game up too about 10 years ago live or on TV and I don’t like it at all) The idiots took exception of course and actually threatened him. I told them if they made one move too hurt him I was going too be forced too beat them like the little bitches they were acting like. Security showed up then and after everybody told them what the idiots had done they were escorted out. The point is that there are a lot of people like him and I, and you that do go too the games for the game. Unfortunately the ones that don’t generally speaking diminishes our enjoyment factor by being idiots of the first order. You a Ranger fan? They made 2 very good trades right before the deadline that has worked out well for them. They have a very good chance of going back to the series this year.


      2. Great stuff Uncle Rick. Its too true. Sports fans like you and I are seemingly a dieing breed. It actually keeps me away from sporting events all together. If Im at home I know that I will not be bothered by these clowns. I will be able to focus on the action on the field and enjoy the experience. throw in cost and aggravation and it makes more sense to stay home. There is also something to be said for the at home product being so good that it keeps folks from attending events and in fact we are seeing a decline in attendance across the sporting landscape. But thats another topic for another time.

        Yes, I must admit I have fallen into the trap of being a local sports fan. The Rangers have been a fun, interesting team since I moved here. Naturally, not having an MLB team myself, I have gravitated toward them. The moves they made were certainly interesting. Most thought they would look to obtain arms at the trade deadline but instead fortified the lineup. Its a bold move, with an eye toward october. This is why the Rangers are such an interesting watch. They are not afraid to be unconventional and are consistently working to both win now and keep the 5 year window open.

        Looking forward to hear from you this weekend Uncle Rick.


  2. You are correct. I used to love going to live sporting events. I actually had Charger season seats for 3 years (no I have never been a fan of them, as I’m sure you know I am a RAIDER fan and yes that’s a period). The cost for 2 seat’s for 9 games? (remember 14 game season 7 home games, + 2 preseason games which PRESEASON FOOTBALL is the biggest scam in the history of sports) but I regress $550. Now the cost today for those same 2 seats? $2775. But I will add that I was at the January 11th AFL Championship game where the Raiders won 34-27. The Chargers had just kicked a field goal with 6:52 to go. All the Charger fan’s were going we’ll get the ball back and score tie it up and win it in overtime. I reminded them that the Chargers only had 1 timeout, and with the 2 minute warning (which I think College Football should adopt at least in the 4th quarter) they would only be able to stop the clock 2 times. I told them “the Chargers are not going to get the ball back”! Of course I was attacked on all sides, but I just happened to have $200 on me and subsequently bet it all. My Raiders went on a 13 play drive converting on 4 3rd down’s along the way. At the end of the game Gene Upshaw picked up the ball put it over his head and walked off the field! They were all furious with me because I kept saying to them ” heh there goes your guy’s ball”, yes admittedly there could of been alcohol involved in this live action game, and not going to dismiss the possibility of the “Arrogance of youth” factor either, but it still is one of my favorite sport’s moments. Now I don’t want to go to any live sporting events because I just don’t want to put up with the crowds. I’m like you I prefer to just stay home and watch it in peace and quiet. I have DirecTv and get the Baseball package, NFL package, Hockey package. I don’t get the Basketball one because the only team I really want to watch is the Laker’s, and they are the only team I want too see live also. (Mostly because by the Staples’s Center there is the Natural History Museum, and a Art Museum that I like) and yes it’s been painful to watch the Laker’s the last 3 years but the seats belong too a friend of mine, they are 8 rows up center court just to the left of the Laker bench and I can go anytime I want. But I got friends with season seats for ALL the teams around here and just don’t want to go.

    There is nothing wrong with being a local Professional sport’s team follower. I have never been one, but I picked all my sports teams when I was about 8 and stick by them no matter what. The Raiders, Lakers, Boston Bruins, and Boston Red Sox. Of course Nebraska in College is it. I love the Big 10 channel because now I can follow the Basketball team and see their games. Before that I was at the mercy of newspapers with their box score if they had it. (I have tried to watch baseball games but those metal bats just drive me over the edge). As a gambler I never bet them. Gambling is nothing more than a exercise in objectivity. I’m not terribly objective over them so I consider that I may not be looking at them more objectively as I should. You are right the Ranger’s got good about the time you moved down there. When Nolan Ryan bought them he cleaned house, and hired a lot of scouts. Scouting in baseball is paramount. If your farm system produces talent on a consistent basis your going too win, either by playing and producing for you or via trades that improve your major league club. The Rangers have perfected this by not only drafting great, but by making great trade, after great trade all the while not giving up anyone on their team roster.2014 has been their only bad year in about 11 years, and that was due to way too many injuries. The Hamels trade was a great trade, and then they backed it up this year by trading for Lucroy & Beltre who both are playing great for them. You should be a fan of theirs. They run a first class organization and honestly is the only professional team in Texas I like.

    I won’t be able too read your blog this weekend. Heading for Vegas tonight for 4 day’s. My way to early perdiction on the Husker’s? It’s going to be up to the Offense to win this. The defense will stop them at times but not enough I’m sure. think the Husker’s are going to have to score at least 42 points to win. Unless the running game clicks and they control the clock and field position they are going to have to score and score often.


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