It’s here!!  Finally, summer vacation. Well, sort of. This weekend I load up the entire family and head to my brothers house in Kansas City.  Its not exactly a glamorous trip, but I’m excited to see the family all the same.  Last year my family in Nebraska, my brother and sister in law in Kansas City and my family all met in the middle in Oklahoma City. We could meet at the river styx and have a good time. There were beers aplenty, some children’s activities for my daughter and solid family time. It was extremely gratifying. OKC is not a destination, but it simply didn’t matter.  This year the debate was where to meet.  We considered Wichita, Northwest Arkansas and even Galveston. Ultimately we went with meeting at my brothers house in KCMO. So my wife and I will load up the family car just like the Griswalds before us. Who knows what sorts of problems and adventures lie before us. It matters little.  Living as far from my family as I do makes trips like this particularly special.  When I moved I had no idea I would miss my mother as much as I do. Instead of seeing her several times per year I only see her 2-3 times. Even then its a whirlwind. It seems to go so quickly.  Hopefully this trip, with minimal distractions, will be a time we can reconnect over beers and bbq. I’m looking forward to it more than I can accurately express.

Oh yes, the whole point of this post was to inform you that I wont have a Nebraska Football entry this week.  I’ll return next week with yet another question about Husker Football in 2016. Additionally, I’m working on my season preview as well as my conference outlooks and playoff picks.  I have a lot of content planned for the month of August in preparation for the greatness of College Football.


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