The Anderson Files has hit its first snag.  That didn’t take long. I know, I promised you folks 5 questions pertaining to the 2016 Huskers on each of July’s 5 Saturdays. It was going to fit together quite tidily. Well, its not going to happen. A ridiculous work week has occupied my time and attention in 6 different states. That’s right, I’ve been on the road pretty much all week. Its what I do. Typically the workload isn’t as outrageous as it has been this week. I’m not complaining. The Anderson house could always use the extra dough and I’m happy to step up to the plate. The little time I have spent at home is either preparing to go out or catching up with my loved ones. Its been exhausting to say the least, but its all for the best. More money at home is good for everyone. The victim, if you can call it that, is of course the blog. I simply have not had the time nor the energy this week to complete the submission.  Go ahead, call me names, cuss me out, do whatever it is that makes you feel better. You will survive. This much I am sure of. Rest easy, I will complete all 5 of the Nebraska Football questions, it just wont be as I planed.  That’s life. There is not a damn thing you can do about it.


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