The hot, muggy weather we are experiencing here in North Texas makes it clear that the freshness of spring has given way to the misery of summer.  In this corner of the world, the summer is such a hot uncomfortable place. Its an absolutely dreadful time of year. 6 years ago I moved down here. The summers are unreal.  Personally, its my least favorite season, and its not close.  The sports calendar doesn’t help matters. The NBA finals are over, as are the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the NFL has only manufactured news.  The MLB is in full swing but its the dog days, the penant race doesn’t heat up until after Labor day. Its a sucky time of year.  If I go outside I’m drenched with sweat within minutes.  Inside the sports selection leaves a lot to be desired.  What exactly is there to like about the summer?

So what is a guy to do?  Well, for me I look forward to the glory of the fall.  When the weather gets cooler and my favorite sport gets rolling.  I think forward to big games, the playoff chase, upsets and memorable performances.  Its just freaking tops. More than anything, I look forward to my boys in red taking the field to avenge what was without question a strange, and extremely disappointing, 2015 campaign. The Big Red finished a wonky 6-7 an d Ive spent the last several months dissecting how Dear Old Nebraska U could have won each of those games.  It has driven me to drink. In the end, you are what you are, and my boys were disappointing at best and nauseating at worst.

Each year it seems I go through the same thought process.  I get excited, optimistic and generally upbeat about the upcoming campaign.  Then I spend a considerable amount of energy trying to tamp down that excitement. I try to be cautious in my optimism. I claim that I’m not drinking the koolaid, that I wont get sucked in to the blind optimism of the rose colored glasses wearing crowd. But every year, like clockwork, I fall into it.   I cant help it!! I want so badly for my boys to top the College Football mountain once again. Any rays of sunshine only stoke those flames. Plus, it adds a shred of pleasure to an otherwise awful time of year.

I despise the misery of summer. Its such a crappy time of year. Its hot, its gross and its not a hell of a lot of fun. Following summer is the glorious fall.  College Football gets rolling and I’m hooked.  Huskers or not I love the magic of Saturdays. Its completely unique, an event for all. Imagine, a loaded cooloer stocked with your favorite beverage. Snacks are ready. A good nap to round out the 11 am under card. Waking up 10 minutes before kickoff of an awesome game and riding that wave late into the night. It just doesn’t get any better. But for the time being, I’m going to have to suffer through a hot miserable couple months. There is nothing to do but put my head down and dream of better days ahead.


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